Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism

by Timothy Keller. Viking, 2015.

“As we preach, we are to serve and love the truth of God’s Word and also serve and love the people before us.” This two-fold approach, advocated by veteran preacher and urban minister, Keller, forms the basis for a thoughtful and practical guide to communicating “the power of the Gospel to change lives”. Keller argues the importance of being faithful to the scriptural witness while tuning one’s voice to the present culture. A 27-page appendix, “Writing an Expository Message”, is notable as a stand-alone resource. Another helpful section, note #20 of Chapter 6, describes “the different kinds of people you may be speaking to”, such as unbelievers, seekers, new believers and mature believers, reminding preachers to consider the many ways a particular text might be heard. This book is addressed primarily to working preachers, but can inspire and inform anyone concerned with graciously communicating Christian faith in a searching world.