Preaching Funerals in the Black Church: Bringing Perspective to Pain

by Peter M. Wherry. Judson Press, 2013.
Large preaching funerals

Rev. Peter Wherry has preached many funeral sermons and led many funeral services. Here he shares his knowledge and experience so that clergy can bring “perspective to pain” by being “pastoral, holistic and healing” after a death. To do this Wherry offers theological reflections, examples of theology in action, sample funeral sermons and eulogies from other pastors and religious leaders. Wherry’s focus on pastoral responsibilities after a death includes the crucial first visit after a death and a brief tutorial on grief and family systems. Wherry offers hints for selecting a funeral sermon text. His discussion of the role of celebration in a sermon and its relationship to spiritual creativity is nuanced and practical. The perspective is Christian; however, because this user-friendly resource offers practical advice that is applicable when a person dies, clergy from other religious traditions will also find it helpful.