Preaching in the Inventive Age

by Doug Pagitt. Abingdon Press, 2014.
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Worship spaces haven’t always been modeled after theaters, and congregational leaders weren’t always preachers. This book, from an Emergent Church pioneer, laments that preaching has become a one-sided practice Pagitt calls “speaching”. He argues for a more interactive way. Fundamental to his approach is the conviction that the way a story is told is as meaningful as the story itself. Pagitt argues for a sermon event that expresses relational values, a “progressive dialogue” that is inspired by the Spirit of God and driven by the insights, questions and struggles shared within the worshiping community. Such an approach supports the kind of authentic community that trusts its collective voice and the grace of God to guide and sustain them. “Preaching in the Inventive Age” is a thought-provoking alternative approach to preaching today. It could be of interest to anyone seeking to examine their own practice or implement something new.