Preparing to Build: Practical Tips and Experienced Advice to Prepare Your Church for a Building Program

by Stephen Anderson. Anderson Marketing, Inc, 2011.
Large preparing to build

This comprehensive book is a very helpful aid to congregations considering a building project. Fund raising and building consultant, Stephen Anderson takes readers through a complete building process from analysis to land acquisition to working with architects, construction management and fund raising. Clergy leaders are not trained in these diverse fields and congregational issues often present daunting challenges to leaders. Anderson has developed a straight forward and easy to understand guide. Among other topics included are: avoiding common mistakes, forming a Building Committee, the crucial role of visioning, building design, financing, various construction methods, particular challenges for smaller churches, and purchasing land. Helpful appendices include a Building Readiness Assessment, giving assessments, and a list of positive experiences with various congregational leaders. Clergy leaders would particularly find this book to be a great asset even at the early stage of building consideration. It would help them understand the complexities and what to expect and what to avoid.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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