Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace: Challenging the Epidemic of Gun Violence

(Sharon Ely Pearson). Morehouse Publishing, 2015.

Written in five sections, this resource is the result of a symposium of 200 bishops who met to discuss gun violence after the tragedy of the Sandy Hook shooting.


prayers, litanies, a service for healing, action guide, annotated list of books and organizations, confronting gun violence

Best For

clergy and lay leaders


purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses

  • Provide healing and comfort in the aftermath of tragedy by referring to the prayers, litanies, and service outlined in the fourth section of this resource.
  • Discuss gun violence through a Christian perspective by reading the first three sections of this resource in a small group setting.

About the Contributor
Jan Goodyear

Jan Goodyear is a retired middle school language arts teacher. She retired after 33 years of teaching and has since educated herself on church transformation and applied that knowledge by consulting with churches on visioning, structure, leadership development, and Christian education. 

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