Social Justice & the Union for Reform Judaism

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Union for Reform Judaism. Accessed April 19, 2017.

The Union for Reformed Judaism has compiled a variety of resources for congregational work on social justice, including worship materials, texts, blessings, and resources on particular topics and for community organizing. For example, the {{Just Congregations program |}} outlines a way for individual congregations to organize for justice, including training and volunteer opportunities, and stories of those engaged with this work already. These materials are all aimed toward the “ongoing work of Tikkun Olam,” or healing the world, and address topics ranging from peace to the environment, including economic justice, healthcare, and disaster relief. For Jewish congregations seeking to become more involved in their communities and in service and justice around the world, the resources compiled on this webpage are an excellent starting point, providing inspiration and practical points of entry for those seeking to learn more or to engage in activism and lobbying.