More Specialized Ministries

With Science and Scripture, Pastor Fights Vaccine Skepticism
Pastor Terris King shares how he encourages COVID-19 precautions in black communities through preaching, education, and science.
Advice from 11 Church Tech Teams
This list of advice helps technology leaders avoid common mistakes and establish a strong media ministry.
Louisville Seminary Counseling Center
This counseling center provides a variety of mental health services to adults, families, and children.
Checking In: Self-soothing exercises
This short podcast episode demonstrates mindful self-compassion with practical breathing exercises.
Maintain Mental Health During the Holidays
This NAMI article offers simple strategies to stay mentally healthy during the COVID-19 holidays.
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Ministering for Mental Health
This resource page provides practical tools for congregational leaders to support mental health. Topics include responding to suffering, creating healing space, starting a mental health ministry, child and teen mental health, addiction, coping and self-compassion.
Sunday School Made Simple
These weekly video lessons provide nourishment and scripture study at a distance or on-the-go.
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Sunday School Center
This website offers Sunday School ideas, helpful advice, and much needed encouragement for faith leaders.
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Precepts for Living Digital
This mobile-friendly website helps individuals and groups study the Bible in depth, anywhere at anytime. The curriculum is based on International Uniform Bible Lessons and references the New Living Testament.
Strategies for Educating African American Adults
This engaging, challenging, and practical book equips Christians to teach, learn, and prepare for effective ministry in the African American church and community.
Manage Stress and Cultivate Resiliency
This webinar provides mental health practices for coping during COVID-19 and racial unrest.
Resilient Church Leaders: Clinical Thoughts
This article helps leaders reflect upon personal mental health and professional limits to care for parishioners with mental health needs.
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