More Specialized Ministries

Heart of Dating Conference Nash
This conference, both in person or virtual, will empower our Singles to not feel alone in...
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Pastor Brandon Clack
Pastor Brandon Clack is the Senior Pastor of Reformation Church, Memphis TN, and a...
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Bishop Jacqueline McCullough
Bishop Jacqueline McCullough is an international speaker that provides spiritual...
Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places and Things in the Digital Age
This book by Jay Kim argues that physical spaces are still relevant and important for...
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Making Space Podcast
This podcast explores how physical spaces (especially congregational spaces) form and shape...
Center For Faith, Sexuality & Gender
This organization is a collaboration of Christian pastors, leaders, and theologians who...
A War Of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus
This book is a personal story of how David Bennett, as a young gay man, saw Christianity as...
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CXMH Faith and Mental Health Podcast
This podcast, hosted by two mental health professionals, explores the intersection of faith...
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The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast with Brittney Moses
This podcast, hosted by Brittney Moses, explores how faith and mental wellness intersect.
How to Work Through the Trauma of Divorce
The article shows how divorce is often like a death, certainly a loss of hopes and dreams...
Indiana's Black Churches Work to Combat Mental Health Crisis
This article describes the faithful and intentional journey of Black Church leaders in...
Indy Therapy & Counseling
This Indiana-based counseling group, led by a former worship pastor, is equipped to support...
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