More Specialized Ministries

Worship in Times of Crisis and Trauma
This panel discussion provides insight to manage disasters and traumas in the congregation and community.
After Doubt
This book leads the reader through a journey of doubt, creating an infrastructure to question without losing faith.
Michelle Singletary
This national speaker teaches congregations about economic development, wealth building, and financial management.
What to Do with Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide
This book teaches budgeting for life's unplanned events, such as COVID-19 and unemployment.
Christian Principles for Managing Money
This book is often used by congregations to create financial literacy courses for members.
The 21 Day Financial Fast
This text is often used for financial literacy courses in local congregations.
Building Wealth in the Black Community
This video shares financial habits for African American economic empowerment, including resources to address economic disparities.
web resource
"What If…" Series: Faith Formation Strategies for a post-Pandemic World
These articles offer creative and practical faith formation ideas for an increasingly technology-rich culture.
What's Next in Digital Worship?
These Calvin Institute webinars explore post-pandemic worship including preaching, liturgy, music, and technological integration.
Revisionist History: The Lady Vanishes
This Malcolm Gladwell podcast episode shares the dangers of tokenism, especially as organizations work toward inclusion and justice.
What Should Post-Pandemic Religion Look Like?
This e-book outlines 10 insights religious leaders need to consider to survive and thrive in the next decade.
web resource
dFree: Financial Freedom Movement
This 12-step program provides interactive tools to become debt-free and avoid financial pitfalls.
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