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Processing the tragedy of school shootings
This short article offers practical and compassionate steps to support youth in the wake of mass...
Project on Religion & Urban Culture and Public Teaching Project: Resources
This video project provides data on topics congregations often face in their communities.
Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory
This PBS documentary explores how former slaves contributed to American culture while...
web resource
Church & Culture
This website explores how daily news topics intersect with congregational life.
The American Mosque 2020: Growing and Evolving
This statistical study provides data about U.S. mosques, dispelling misconceptions and...
What Now? Creative Tool for COVID-19 Planning
This 3-hour self-facilitated planning process helps teams think creatively to make an action...
The Cross and the Lynching Tree
This book draws a line between the central image of western Christianity, the cross, and the...
The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School: Transformational Techniques for Reaching and Teaching...
This resource offers practical tools and approaches that will help any children's ministry...
The 21 Day Financial Fast
This text is often used for financial literacy courses in local congregations.
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