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Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
This resource shares unconventional wisdom about spirituality and human behavior, looking...
Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness: The Way of the Cross for People on the Journey of Mental Illness
This collection of 15 stories from a community health organization in Maryland describes...
Increasing Wholeness: Jewish Wisdom and Guided Meditations to Strengthen and Calm Body, Heart,...
This book draws on Jewish wisdom and psychology to help readers achieve inner wholeness.
Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It
Written by an educator, this book reveals racist tendencies in how we speak, and details the...
Creating Third Place Spaces at Church
This 8-page article from a church architect offers tips and a research-based approach for...
Kitchen Table Giving: Reimagining How Congregations Connect with their Donors
This book details how to elicit more giving by building trust.
web resource
Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders
This web resource offers a professional yet succinct overview of mental health issues,...
This organization addresses domestic human trafficking through clinical services, aftercare,...
web resource
Is Your Congregation a Clergy Killer? How Church-goers Matter to the Mental Health of Pastors
This web resource includes a study of 1,500 ministers in the Duke Clergy Health Initiative...
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