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Prepare Now for Post-Pandemic Ministry, Church Professionals Urge
This thoughtful article provides key leadership actions to prepare for congregational life after COVID-19 social distancing.
The Turner Center at Martin Methodist College
This resource hub supports faith leaders in cultivating thriving rural communities. It provides good practices, coaching, and microgrants.
Reclaiming Rural: Building Thriving Rural Congregations
This book explains the unique opportunities of rural ministry, offering strategies to build vibrant congregations.
web resource
The Association of Religion Data Archives
This web resource, provided by the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA), is the best free website of religious demographic information.
Rural Ministry Conference
This conference focuses on educating and empowering prospective and current clergy, for ministry and in general, at rural congregations.
Houses Of Worship, the Vaxxed And Unvaxxed Divide
This 3-minute news story shares how pastors in Nashville, TN, are managing vaccinations and mask-wearing.
5 Core Principles of Peer Support
This short video provides a brief overview to set up and run peer groups for children and young people.
web resource
Creating and Facilitating Peer Support Groups
This website outlines everything you need to create and facilitate a peer support group.
How to Recover from Psychological Aftershocks of Lockdown
Written in May of 2020, this article describes the long-term and downstream negative effects of isolation because of the pandemic.
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