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Understanding the Effects of Social Isolation on Mental Health
This article defines social isolation and its effects on human beings. It also provides tips to prevent social isolation.
Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Parish Leader's Guide
This book completes a three-part series on navigating pastoral transitions. This specific resource will help leaders prepare for a variety of emotional responses and ensure a smooth transition.
This organization provides reports and trainings about software options that are relevant to congregations.
Begin Again: James Baldwin's America
This book explores James Baldwin's life and writings while offering tangible applications for the struggle for racial justice today.
Pass the Mic
This weekly podcast from The Witness Black Christian Collective offeres engaging interviews and discussions relevant to the African American experience.
web resource
Letter from Birmingham Jail
This historic letter from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discusses nonviolent protest, segragation, oppression, racial justice, the white moderate, and activism.
Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America
This grace-filled book calls White Christians to recognize that well-intentioned actions perpetuate racial divides if leaders aren’ t proactive about bridging the ethnic gap.
Prophetic Lament: A Call For Justice In Troubled Times
This text unpacks the book of Lamentations, providing historical context and practical strategies to lament corporately and individually.
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Sisters in Loss
This community, led by Erica McAfee, supports Black women who have experienced grief and situations related to miscarriage, infant loss or infertility.
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