The Facility Management Handbook

by Kathy O. Roper, Richard P. Payant. AMACOM , 2014.
Large the facility management handbook

Professional engineers and certified facility managers Kathy Roper and Richard Payant combine their education, experience, and skills to produce this comprehensive yet accessible volume that teaches readers everything they need to know about managing a facility. The authors discuss expected topics, such as best practices for safety and security, preparing for and recovering from emergencies, maintenance, finances, and communication technologies. Yet, they also address other less common - though relevant - subjects, such as the design-build method and process of construction, matching facilities with organizational goals, having an environmentally friendly facility, and projecting future costs in relationship to the life cycles of a facility’s mechanicals. Seven appendices, a glossary of terms, and an extensive index complete the resource. Admittedly, the fourth edition of this secular resource is hefty at more than 600 pages, yet it contains invaluable information and is a must-have reference book for facility managers.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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