The Pastor's Guide to Audio, Video and Lighting

by Jim Kumorek. Worship Facilities, May 1, 2015. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large pastors guide audio video

This article addresses several mistakes congregations make when installing audio, video and lighting (AVL). Kumorek explains how to avoid these common mistakes. For 10 years, Jim Kumorek has served on AVL teams in churches as a volunteer or staff member. Now, he is a consultant for Spreading Flames Media. The first mistake when considering new construction or remodeling is not getting AVL consultants involved soon enough. This often results in money wasted to alter plans. Second, care should be taken to get advice from qualified service providers, rather than local well-meaning church sources. Third, not planning for enough power to run lighting is a frequent issue. Fourth, AVL needs should be built into the budget of a construction project or remodel at the beginning. Fifth, quality video production requires a careful analysis of the room, its ambient light, and where screens should be placed. Sixth and finally, an acoustical analysis of a worship space needs to be made to ensure good sound quality for participants. The article highlights several examples of how attention to these details ahead of time can provide congregations with excellence in AVL installation and cost effective results.