The Smart Guide to Buying Church Management Software

by Leah Merrill. Capterra, 2014.
Large smart guide cms

A free downloadable e-book, this approachable introduction to church management software (ChMS) covers the basics, including definitions, such as “web-based” vs. “on-premises solutions.” Find 10 questions to help assess your congregation’s ChMS readiness. One readiness question: “Do you have a dedicated person or people to ‘own’ the system?” A list of common features is divided between basic, such as a membership directory, and advanced, such as mobile apps. Another list summarizes the five most-requested features: attendance tracking, member profiles, and the management of membership, donations, and calendar. The explanation of the three pricing categories-pay-per-member/record, pay-per attendee/active member, and license fee-helps with the complex task of comparison pricing. The Guide’s purpose is to introduce, and invite you to use, Capterra’s free-to-you online consulting service. It offers a valuable information whether or not you accept the consulting service invitation.