The Stewardship Companion: Lectionary Resources for Preaching

by David N. Mosser. Westminster John Knox Press, 2007.
Large the stewardship companion

This short book, designed for use as a reference, provides lectionary resources tied to stewardship, for the design of rich worship and preaching that engages the congregation on these issues, beginning with scripture. The structure of this book encourages a conversation about generosity and stewardship that is not limited to a single service or even one season in the life of the congregation, but instead helps to make reflection on these topics a regular part of worship. Because of this integrated structure, this book could easily be used in small group study, or by a stewardship or worship planning team in preparing for any fundraising or stewardship appeal. It might also be used alongside the author’s more recent book, {{Stewardship Services |}}, which is part of Abingdon Press’ “Just In Time” series.