The Top 5 Mistakes Churches Make When Selecting a Church Management Software System

Helpmate Technology Solutions, LLC. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Choosing the church management software (CMS) that is right for your congregation can both ease the administrative load and enrich the ministry of the congregation. This article, from a veteran software provider, offers practical tips on making the best possible choice. Each of the five “mistakes” launches a discussion on how to think about the issues it raises. For example, Mistake #1, “Selecting a system that is not powerful or flexible enough” leads to an in-depth look at what the congregation needs in a CMS. What features are available vs. what features are needed? A sample chart shows how to plot this information for a customized, at-a-glance comparison. This article is a must-read for novice CMS users as well as those who want fresh insights. It is aimed at Christian ministry leaders, administrators and volunteers, but its principles and practical tools transcend theological particulars. Online sign-up is required to request this white paper.