Transitions: Leading Churches through Change

(David N. Mosser). Westminster John Knox Press, 2011.
Large transitions leading through change

How can pastors “preach congregations and individuals through change”? This collection of twenty-six essays and sermons from an ecumenical group of preachers and teachers covers the waterfront of possibilities with hard-won wisdom and practical advice. The book identifies four particular “shades” of transition. For example, Part 1, “The Clergy in Chaos”, includes the stories of the gracious and wise way a retiring pastor paved the way for his successor, and how a new pastor prepared to preach at her first congregation. Accompanying the latter article, “Poetry in Motion: A Case Study in Preaching in a New Pastoral Setting”, are two practical helps: “Mary’s Top Ten Tips for New Preachers” and an “Exegete the Congregation” guide. Years of experience and thoughtful reflection are captured in these articles, making them of use to any pastor and preacher navigating the inevitable changes that they and their congregations face.