Virtual Ministry Assistants

Brentwood, TN. (877) 462-5718.
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The demands of ministry today include a variety of administrative tasks that can divert ministerial time and energy from leadership concerns. Because many of these tasks are managed electronically, Virtual Ministry Assistants (VMA) can help. VMA, a division of Ministry Architects, offers experienced administrators and information technology experts with in-depth knowledge of congregational ministry. They provide high quality services, such as communications and website management, financial and attendance record keeping, personal assistance, and worship presentation setup. As independent contractors, all taxes, benefits, training, equipment and supplies related to their work are the responsibility of VMA. Pastors are freed to lead, and tight budgets are stretched by hiring just the help needed for only as long as it takes. Congregations can choose from a variety of billing and service options or create a customized package according to specific needs. Case studies on the website help to portray the value and variety of VMA services.