Why Church Buildings Matter: The Story of Your Space

by Tim Cool. Rainer Publishing, 2014.
Large why church buildings matter

How does a guest experience our congregation building? What can you do to make sure your congregation’s facility supports your reason for being? What story does your facility tell? These are the questions Tim Cool addresses in his book, Why Church Buildings Matter. Tim leads the Cool Solutions Group. He has assisted more than 350 churches. The audience for the book is varied. It will be helpful to facility managers of larger congregations. It is recommended reading for building committees of all congregations before they begin master planning. The chapters are short. The content is descriptive rather than literally prescriptive. This temperament is helpful because it allows the reader to adapt observations to particular situations. The chapter on parking lots is excellent. Congregational buildings matter because they are containers of the message being proclaimed by the congregation. If you want to be thoughtful about what your building communicates, this book will be a helpful companion.

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