Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: And How 4 Acts of Love Will Make Your Church Irresistible

by Tom Schultz, Joani Schultz. Group Publishing , 2013.

This book begins with an unpromising diagnosis. The authors assert that the decline of the church in the United States is steeper than we think. They declare “the American church is broken.” From there, though, the book takes on an unmistakable tone of hope. The authors describe four actions that can make your congregation irresistible. These four actions are radical hospitality, fearless conversation, genuine humility and divine anticipation. Each of these are categorized as acts of love. A congregation that truly welcomes all, that isn’t afraid of provocative dialogue that demonstrates that every human is connected, and that truly trusts God’s promises can be an overwhelmingly positive force for hope. The authors are Thom and Joani Schultz, the founder and CEO of Group and the chief creative officer of {{Group | http://www.group.com/}} respectively. The authors give plenty of illustrations of each of the four acts of love that can make your congregation a contagiously positive place for people. This book doesn’t unpack deep theological quandaries. Nor does it linger on nuance on grey areas. What it does is evoke hope in the future and illustrate actual action steps regarding the four acts of love: hospitality, conversation, humility, and anticipation.