Working Preacher

Center for Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary. Accessed November 26, 2018.
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Working Preacher is a website from Luther Seminary. The website is focused on preaching. Because the emphasis is on resources for the pastor who preaches in a local congregation, it is practical, contextual, and represents theological integrity. Also, because the focus is on the practicing preacher, it is not unusual for the helps and hints to have implications for aspects of worship beyond the sermon. The section on the craft of preaching includes timely blogs on the construction of a sermon. The website doesn’t tell one how to preach or provide simple solutions to complex homiletic issues. It invites the user to think critically about the practice of preaching like an excellent class on photography makes one think more about the practice of printmaking. There is a strong commentary section in Spanish too. "Sermon BrainWave" is a weekly podcast on the lectionary texts by a team of Luther professors. This oral format could be uniquely helpful for busy pastors and those who learn best by hearing. For preachers looking for an alternative path, the Narrative Lectionary offers a 4-year cycle that follows the narrative sweep of scripture. Commentary in both print and podcast form is also available. Through the Working Preacher site, you can access their Twitter posts, as well as sign up to receive them. The posts are frequent and timely in terms of the texts for the week.

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