World Relief

Baltimore, MD. (800) 535-5433.

World Relief seeks to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable worldwide. Founded in 1944 by the National Association of Evangelicals to assist with needs in Europe, World Relief now serves vulnerable people across the globe. Employing principles of transformational development, World Relief empowers local churches to serve the vulnerable in their communities and internationally. U.S. churches are equipped to engage in global mission over a 5 year period focused on a particular area of a country where World Relief works. Their goal is two-fold: to mobilize resources to help those in need and to facilitate life-changing relationships within the local congregation through their service work. World Relief sponsors initiatives globally in education, health, child development, agriculture, food security, anti-trafficking, immigrant services, micro-enterprise, disaster response, and refugee resettlement. World Relief also equips U.S. congregations to work with specific U.S. issues relating to immigration and refugee relocation. Congregations can partner with World Relief on a variety of levels, from financial support to mission field work. Their website offers free training resources, helpful links, and a speakers list.