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Waving the Banner for Youth Ministry
This podcast episode features youth worker Mark Oestreicher discussing COVID-19 and...
Part-Time is Plenty: Thriving without Full-Time Clergy
This book explores how to run effective ministries with lay leaders and a half- or...
10 Tips: Financial Navigation for Synagogue Leaders During a Crisis
This article provides tips for congregational crisis management including finances,...
web resource
SDPC Resources for Coronavirus
Curated for Black clergy and lay leaders, this list of resources addresses justice and all...
The Church and Families of Children with Special Needs
This panel discussion considers what role parishioners, lay leaders, and clergy can play to...
Synergy: A Leadership Guide for Church Staff and Volunteers
This book explores the dynamics between clergy, lay leaders, and the congregation and provides...
web resource
Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders
This web resource offers a professional yet succinct overview of mental health issues,...
Wholeness After Betrayal: Restoring Trust in the Wake of Misconduct
This book will help churches restore inner congregation peace after clergy and lay leader...
Finishing With Grace: A Guide to Selling, Merging, or Closing Your Church
This practical guide will help clergy and lay leaders through the oftentimes stressful process...
Empty Houses: A Pastoral Approach to Congregational Closures
Written for clergy and lay leaders who are considering closing their doors, this resource...
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