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Congregational Communication Resources
Curator Matt Burke
Intentional Communication
Curator Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes
Program Planning in Faith Communities
Curator Tim Shapiro
Church Websites
Curator the CRG Team
The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know
A Fortune 500 consultant provides advice on how to communicate responsibly to make others respond with good work and good will.
Notes on Communication: Strategies for Addressing Conflict in Congregations
This article discusses the role that miscommunication plays in congregational conflict and offers an intervention process for reducing conflict and enhancing communication.
3 Big Communication Mistakes Organizations are Making During the COVID-19 Crisis
This no-nonsense article about communication during a crisis will help you look at the big picture, think creatively about leadership, and provide the information people need.
Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication
This book contains dozens of brief, expert articles about how to communicate ideas inside and outside the congregation.
Anne Curley: Do the Right Thing
This website resource teaches lay leaders how to better handle a crisis and promotes collaboration between clergy and laity by providing reccommendations about appropriate channels and priorities of communication for disseminating information.
The Power and Promise of a Communications Audit
This article presents a simple, ten-step framework to guide congregations through an annual communications strategy audit.
Taking Your Church to the Next Level: What Got You Here Won't Get You There
This guide equips congregations to move confidently through age and growth cycles, addressing leadership styles, management issues, and communication strategies that must be altered after each change.
Renewing the City: Reflections on Community Development and Urban Renewal
This resource retells the story of Nehemiah in the Bible to raise awareness about the dilemmas and complexities for those engaged in community development work.
Feasting on the Word Guide to Children's Sermons
This resource argues that the best children's sermon is written by the one who presents it, and offers a practical tips and tools for the sermon giver.
Immigration: Tough Questions, Direct Answers
This resource offers a clear and concise overview of U.S. immigration, describing key historical events, terms, and concepts to place immigration into a global context.
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