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Church Websites
Curator the CRG Team
Church Planting Resources
Curator Tim Shapiro
Congregational Communication Resources
Curator Matt Burke
book book
Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century: Engaging All Ages and Generations
This book offers a conceptual framework for faith formation in a changing world. Practical insights will help leaders understand and implement effective ministry strategies.
article article
Best Practices for Technology Usage
Written by legal and financial experts and Christianity Today, this article offers a solid primer on best policies and procedures for U.S. congregations, ranging from issues like privacy to security.
web resource
What Makes a Good Church Website?
This blog highlights important considerations to make when designing a website.
book book Updated
Web-Empowered Ministry: Connecting With People through Websites, Social Media, and More
This comprehensive guide frames the internet as a powerful took to share, teach, and connect people with Jesus and provides tools for congregations to start a web ministry.
article article
The Pastor's Guide to Audio, Video and Lighting
This article addresses common mistakes congregations make when installing audio, video, lighting, and how to avoid them.
article article
Is Your Church Using Social Media the Right Way?
This short article offers three specific principles for attracting and engaging worshippers.
book book
Networked: The New Social Operating System
This book explores the concept of "networked individualism" --- the result of people connecting with others through multiple and diverse networks, and the three revolutions that led to this social transformation.
organization organization Updated
This organization provides reports and trainings about software options that are relevent to congregations.
web resource
Hearing Loop Technology
This webpage provides information about Hearing Loops, which allow hard of hearing individuals equipped with hearing aids and cochlear impants to hear better due to the installation of technology.
organization organization Updated
Church IT Network
This online community allows information technology staff to communicate, share advice, learn about upcoming events, and ask questions about any topics related to congregational technology.
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