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Curator Aaron Spiegel
Technology for Virtual Congregational Life
Curator Kate White
The Academy for Spiritual Formation
This organization hosts a 5-day and 2-year training program focused on spiritual formation, practicing spiritual rhythms, and building a deeper relationship with God.
Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation
This organization offers a wide variety of programs and resources for individuals who want to open themselves more fully to God. Offerings include conferences, e-courses, and group pilgrimages to a holy site.
Apprentice Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation
This organization offers resources such as a conference, blog posts, and a curriculum focused on the topics of spiritual formation, discipleship, and becoming an apprentice of Christ.
Adventure and the Way of Jesus: An Experiential Approach to Spiritual Formation
This resource demonstrates how to facilitate spiritual growth through "adventurous discipleship," such as challenge courses and rock-climbing.
Cultivating Sent Communities: Missional Spiritual Formation
Composed by a variety of contributors, this book examines spiritual formation from the missional church perspective, giving readers a clearer idea of the purpose behind a missional church.
A Many Colored Kingdom: Multicultural Dynamics for Spiritual Formation
This book examines how America's increased diversity impacts spiritual formation, addressing issues like bias and prejudice.
Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood: A Practical Theology for College and Young Adult Ministry
This research-based book looks at the practical and spiritual implications of emerging adulthood for congregations and emerging adults themselves.
We Make the Road by Walking: A Year-Long Quest for Spiritual Formation, Reorientation, and Activation
This devotional book consists of 52 readings designed to be read over a year. It contains scripture, cultural observations, and engages in reflective questions.
web resource
Head to Heart Confirmation Curriculum
This web resource by Faith5 organization offers up-to-date understandings of adolescent development and features art, music, games, and skits, service suggestions, and home-based components for use by parents.
Please Pass the Faith: The Art of Spiritual Grandparenting
This resource looks at the role grandparenting plays in passing faith to future generations, discussing what it means to be a grandparents today and ways to nurture faith in children.
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