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Youth Ministry
Curator Kara Faris
Challenges in Youth Ministry
Curator Mark Oestreicher
Congregational Communication Resources
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Relationships in Ministry
Curator Kate White
Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn't Last and What Your Church Can Do About It
This resource acts as a guide for congregations struggling with youth ministry, presenting a systemic approach to developing a healthy youth ministry, starting with finding the right minister.
For The CRG Created For The CRG
Making Youth Ministry Matter

The purpose of youth ministry is to foster the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people ages 6th-12th grades. This usually happens through a variety of lessons, games, resources and relationships. But how do you know if your youth group is hitting the mark?

The Center for Congregations has worked with more than 60 congregations to create vibrant youth ministries. Here’s what we discovered about the most successful congregations.

Effective Youth Ministries

• Devote financial and human resources as a priority to nurture young people.

• Equip youth to use their faith as a lens for making life plans and decision-making.

• Incorporate young people into congregational leadership and the planning process.

These larger goals will likely take time and decisions from your leadership. Below are small ways to strengthen your youth ministry.

Small Changes, Big Impact

You can make subtle changes to integrate youth into the fabric of your congregation. Recruit adult volunteers to connect with the youth and build intergenerational relationships. Allow the youth to step into meaningful and appropriate roles of responsibility. That could be mowing the lawn, assisting in worship or serving in the nursery. Small changes over time will help youth ministry become a natural part of your culture.

Looking for more youth ministry ideas? Take a look at Mark DeVries’ book Sustainable Youth Ministry or Kara Powell’s Sticky Faith.


Institute for Youth Ministry
This organization trains youth ministry leaders, creates dialogue about the contemporary church, and offers research-based youth ministry resources.
web resource
Download Youth Ministry (DYM)
This website by veteran youth leaders provides timely and affordable resources across 20+ youth ministry categories: Games, Teaching, Training, Mission, Social Media, and more.
Essential Guide to Youth Ministry Safety
This resource addresses a range of topics to help youth ministers navigate issues of safety, liability, and accountability.
Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views
In this book, five youth ministers discuss compare and contrast how to foster spiritual growth.
Beyond the Screen: Youth Ministry for the Connected but Alone Generation
This book highlights the differences between connecting through technology and connecting through genuine community by examining the role of social media among youth and how to apply social media to ministry.
Jesus Goes to the Movies: The Youth Ministry Film Guide
This resource combines movie criticism with faith to prepare the reader to lead impactful conversations revolving around popular culture.
Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope
Based on a study of more than 800 congregations, this resource draws from the experience of successful congregations to offer useful practicies for youth ministry.
Starting Right: Thinking Theologically About Youth Ministry
This resource encourages readers to view youth ministry from a practical theology perspective to ground it within the larger vision and mission of the congregation.
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