2018 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff

by Richard Hammar. Christianity Today, 2017.
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The world of church staff compensation is a complex world when you take into consideration all the variables-like size of congregation, geographic location, years of experience of a staff member and the denomination. There are few more qualified than Richard Hammar, attorney, CPA, and expert in the field of church law, to help church staff and congregational leaders sort it all through. With this easy-to-use Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, published annually, a staff or potential staff member can determine whether his or her salary and benefits are reasonable and fair by comparing his or her plan to other churches that have similar positions and demographics. In addition, personnel administrators or search teams can create compensation packages for potential and current staff that are both impartial and reasonable. Based on national survey results, the compensation profiles are classified by part-time, full-time, church size, income budget, and geographical setting and are broken down by categories so you can easily determine base salary, retirement, health insurance, housing allowance, life insurance and continuing education.