Building Your Volunteer Team: A 30-Day Change Project for Youth Ministry

by Mark DeVries, Nate Stratman. InterVarsity Press, 2014.
Large building your volunteer team

Youth ministry experts Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman are so confident that their process will secure youth volunteers that they offer a money-back guarantee and an additional $20 product financial incentive from their organization, {{Ministry Architects |}}. The process itself is a “thirty-day boot camp” that promotes teamwork and effective collaborative ministry. Each week follows the same rhythm: “balcony day,” five days securing volunteers or working the process, and reflection and Sabbath on the seventh day. Two additional people-prayer partners-accompany and meet weekly with the primary user. The authors give explicit directions and tasks for each day and suggest that users set aside two hours a day for each of the “build” days. Tasks are not limited to, but include the following: meeting with potential volunteers, reflection questions, creating an organizational chart, and written and e-mail communication.