Church in the Inventive Age

by Doug Pagitt. Sparkhouse Press, 2010.
Large church inventive age

Many books try to forecast the future of Christianity, often with a fair amount of doom. Few books enlighten us to the unique opportunities of our day and how to seize them. Church in the Inventive Age persuades the reader that the church has a future and that future is full of rare invitations and new inventions. Doug Pagitt-a pastor, radio host, author and businessman-describes the last four eras of American life as the idyllic, industrial, informational and inventive ages. He wants clergy and laity to not only know the cultural realities of the church of the past but the distinctives and unique opportunities of today’s church. Written in a witty and conversational style, this book would prove an enjoyable read for pastors, lay leaders and those who like a bit of history mixed with their ministry philosophy.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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