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Healthy Minds
This series of 30-minute videos from PBS provides stimulating and relevant topics related to mental health through a series of perspectives.
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Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide
This Hallmark Channel Television Special balances medical and theological perspectives to provide comfort and ways to grow despite the impact of suicide.
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A New State of Mind - Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness
This hour-long documentary details the stories of everyday people while breaking through the silence, shame, and stigma related to mental illness.
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Grief: A Journey of Discovery
This DVD takes the view on a journey through the unfamiliar territory of grief and details the grief process.
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The Ungame
The Ungame is a non-competitive communications game that uses questions to prompt the sharing of values, thoughts, feelings, and ideas among friends, family, and acquaintances.
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The Church and Families of Children with Special Needs
This panel discussion considers what role parishioners, lay leaders, and clergy can play to support families of children or adults with special needs.
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Living Fully, Dying Well Planning Kit: A Study for Small Groups
This DVD invites viewers to adopt a perspective of later life that is both practical and hopeful.
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Ageless Faith: A Weekly Podcast
This podcast presents a weekly 30-minute broadcast addressing an issue of practical importance to older adults and their congregations.
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Tzedakah: The Jewish Concept of Charity
This nine-part video series provides a succinct yet in-depth overview of Tzedakah.
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