New Songs of Celebration Render: Congregational Song in the Twenty-First Century

(C. Michael Hawn). GIA Publications, 2013.
Large new songs of celebration

Esteemed professor, composer, and author C. Michael Hawn edits this church hymnody resource that identifies, describes, and discusses seven “streams” of Christian music since Vatican II. The selected “streams” are Roman Catholic liturgical renewal, classic contemporary Protestant, African American, gospel and renewal, folk, praise and worship, and global and ecumenical. Each stream has its own characteristics and history that reflects its particular context. For example, African American music reflects a yearning for self-determination and freedom. Central and South American and Asian song are also included, revealing the diversity and breadth of this work. Hawn believes the diversity of church music is the work of the Holy Spirit, which may be something helpful for the church to consider when discussing worship music. An accompanying CD gives twenty-one examples of the traditions discussed. Christian musicians, worship leaders and educators will find much to learn and appreciate in this hefty and user-friendly volume.

Curator Curated by Janet Hoover

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