More Specialized Ministries

Religious Parenting: Transmitting Faith and Values in Contemporary America
This book explains how kids learn religious beliefs, values, and practices from their parents.
This memoir describes an isolated, abusive, fundamentalist childhood, which was redeemed through education.
How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
This widely-circulated Buzzfeed article describes burnout and the ever-present need to optimize life as the water in which millennials swim. Touching on several important social forces, it explains cultural challenges that must be reckoned with to support future generations.
Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution
This documentary demonstrates how mainstream hookup culture impacts relationships, sex, and the wellbeing of young adults. Heartbreaking and hard to watch at times, it documents identity development including spring break trips and party experiences. A highly important film, but viewers should be aware that it contains sensitive material primarily for mature audiences.
Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation
This book provides background and context for why the millennial generation is characterized by burnout.
iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Happy and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood
This book focuses on young adults born from the mid-1990s on. It explores technology’ s impact on developmental growth and shares that generation’ s unique attitudes and beliefs.
The Twenty-something Soul: Understanding the Religious and Secular Lives of American Young Adults
Through stories and interviews, this book provides a picture of young adults in America and their thoughts on religion.
Youth Ministry During the Pandemic
These webinars offer culturally competent youth strategies to stay connected and maintain overall wellness while social distancing.
Waving the Banner for Youth Ministry
This podcast episode features youth worker Mark Oestreicher discussing COVID-19 and innovation, doing youth ministry well, and developmental needs of middle schoolers.
20 Tips to Use Google Search Efficiently
This article provides powerful tips to solve and troubleshoot technical problems by using Google.
Videos for Learning About Refugee Families and Youth
These short videos share what refugee youth and their families face when adjusting to life in the United States.
Jewish Family and Career Services (JFCS)
JFCS offers a wide range of services in Louisville, KY, to help new Americans on their journey to becoming self-reliant.
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