The Hidden Power of the Electronic Church: How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel, and Church

by Shane Hipps. Zondervan, 2006.
Large hidden power electronic culture

In the 1960’s, communications philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medium is the message.” In this book, author Shane Hipps has picked up that phrase and applied it to the medium of technology and the message that it delivers in the church. Hipps, a former advertizing specialist turned pastor, contends that the church has viewed various technologies as just another tool and that as long as the "message stays the same" then the medium used to transmit it doesn’t matter. Hipps argues otherwise. He doesn’t suggest that technology is bad, only that we need to be informed about how the use of a technology can change our message. Both historical and prophetic, this book will help pastors, communications directors and lay leaders in most Christian traditions wrestle with what and how their churches incorporate technology in worship and community.

Curated by Beth Booram

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