The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication

by Justin Wise. Moody Publishers, 2014.
Large the social church

The author of The Social Church, Justin Wise, teaches organizations how to build larger online audiences. He is also part of the continuing education faculty of Luther Seminary’s KAIROS program. Wise begins the book by wondering “what would Martin Luther do?” We know what Luther did about indulgences and other missteps of the 16th century church. Now, what would Luther do with social media? What would Luther do about digital communication? The author asserts that he would take risks. This isn’t a “how to” book. It is a book about worldview. It is a volume that helps congregational leaders make sense out of social media. Things aren’t going to regress. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram will be with us for some time, along with new communication tools. This resource is for communications teams that seek to make sense of all these tools from a faith perspective, as opposed to a marketing or technological perspective. In other words, it is a resource for congregations that are willing to learn more about social media. A helpful companion to the book is the {{author’s website |}}.

Curator Curated by Tim Shapiro

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