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Reducing Mental Health Stigma in Faith Communities
Curator Rose Jackson-Beavers
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The Stigma Of Mental Health
Curator the CRG Team
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Making Space at the Well
This book encourages the Black Church to lift the curtain on the stigma of the mental and...
Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries
This organization equips the Church to support mental health and well-being. They provide...
web resource
Black Mental Health: What You Need to Know
This resource provides an overview of how stigma about mental health impacts Black...
Thema Bryant: Churches play a crucial role in providing mental health support and advocating for...
This interview with American Psychological Association President and AME elder Thema Bryant...
Fifteen Steps Out of Darkness: The Way of the Cross for People on the Journey of Mental Illness
This collection of 15 stories from a community health organization in Maryland describes...
A New State of Mind - Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness
This hour-long documentary details the stories of everyday people while breaking through the...
web resource
Standing in the Shadow of Love: The Role of the Black Church in Youth Suicide Prevention
This web resource, provided by Psychology Professor and Pastor Dr. Sherry Davis Molock,...
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