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Clip in: Risking Hospitality in Your Church
Using the metaphor of a bicycle pedal clip, this book frames hospitality as a powerful way to promote growth while reviving current members.
Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore: And How 4 Acts of Love Will Make Your Church Irresistible
This resource seeks to combat the decline of the American church by providing congregations with four acts of love that can make your church a positive place for people.
A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion
This book shares ways to renew Roman Catholic parishes, ranging from paying college students to be summer catechists to prioritizing the liturgical year.
Fresh Expressions
This organization helps local faith leaders create new kinds of church and meet modern people where they are.
web resource
Turnaround Churches
This website has a secondary title of "Ideas for Revitalizing Struggling Churches" and foucses on congregational renewal.
For The CRG Created For The CRG
Your Congregation and Innovation

The Harvard Business Review defines innovation as “the difficult discipline of newness.” What new thing is forming in your congregation? The congregation I attended last Sunday is starting a Friday night dinner, which will end with communion. In explaining the gathering, the pastor said “We don’t have to wait for Sunday to break bread together.”

My colleague Kara Faris and I have learned about the difficult discipline of newness from 12 innovative congregations. Stories from leaders of these congregations are in the book Divergent Church.

We learned of six practices evident in various configurations among these congregations. By practices, we mean universal human activities that take on unique and often new shape in these innovative congregations.

The congregations told remarkable stories that featured creative expressions of these six practices:

  • Shaping Community

  • Conversation

  • Artistic Expression

  • Breaking Bread

  • Community Engagement

  • Hospitality

If you were given full license to innovate regarding a practice, which practice would you choose and what would the innovation look like?

If you are interested in reading the book Divergent Church email me at tshapiro@centerforcongregations.org and I will send you a copy.

To learn more about congregations and innovation, take a look at the blog From Hallowed Space to Holograms and the organization Ministry Incubators.

By the way, the congregation starting the Friday night gathering is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Innovation is not dependent on a congregation being shiny and new.

Greater Orlando Baptist Association
This organization hosts an annual Renovate Conference as well as many online resources focused on church renewal.
Choosing Change: How to Motivate Churches to Face the Future
This book will help congregational leaders move their churches towards change through practicing motivational theory and helping congregates accept change.
Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically From the Inside Out
This resource centers on the role of leadership and how church leaders motivated by vital faith and the ethic of love can create positive change.
The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation and Community
This resource intertwines personal story and biblical insight with tools for leadership development, all of which culminates to help facilitate missional conversations.
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