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Music in Worship
Curator Doug Hanner
web resource
Small Ritual
This web resource, provided by Steve Collins, who is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future, explores the church from numerous angles to enrich the church's relationship with its local culture.
C3 Conference
The Creative Church Culture Conference offers a network of evangelical resources for contemporary worship, including conference sessions on church culture and worship, as well as online resources.
media media
This deck of cards helps facilitate team building through conversational games and follow up questions.
book book
Brim: Creative Overflow in Worship Design
This book on worship planning presents resources and exercises to engage the creative process in those who do worship planning.
web resource
LOVE Creative Arts Worship, Drawing and Painting
This intergenerational worship experience example offered on YouTube by Laura Lenander shows participants worshipping through a myriad of artistic media, which produces a myriad of artistic products and focuses on participants speaking and working from their own concerns, questions, and contexts.
book book
7 Creative Models for Community Ministry
This book outlines seven ministry models to serve a local community, detailing the criteria of each and providing information to decide which is best for your context.
book book
Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling
This resource urges Christians to stop engaging in a misguided "culture war," and instead, calls upon readers to become culture makers.
organization organization
Fresh Expressions
This organization helps local faith leaders create new kinds of church and meet modern people where they are.
article article
Alternative Worship
This article summarizes alternative worship's history and offers eight alternative worship priorities.
book book
Arts Ministry: Nurturing the Creative Life of God's People
This resource offers a history of the arts in Christianity and shows readers how to establish an arts ministry in their congregations.
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