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New Churches: Multiply the Mission
New Churches, brought to you by veteran church start pastor and educator Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im, director of church multiplication services at Lifeway, is an online hub for church multiplication resources and offers a podcast archive of nearly 350 presentations on church planting.
Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch
This resource is a good starting point for those thinking about starting a new church --- read about the story of Journey Church in New York City and gain from the experiences of the two pastors who started it.
The 2017-2018 Guide to New Church Models
This compilation of essays and interviews looks at seven novel ways that congregations are expressing what it means to be communities of faith.
Finding the Right Church Plant Model
This article introduces and describes five church-planting models.
This organization provides coaching and assessments to help leaders plant new churches.
Ten Most Common Mistakes Made by New Church Starts
This resource is for individuals interested in starting a new church and shows how to overcome inevitable challenges, all while focusing on the most important part --- sharing God's love with others.
Vital Merger: A New Church Start Approach that Joins Church Families Together
This book offers a proven model to ensure the success of a church merger, one that looks more like a fresh start versus a last-ditch effort that will only delay decline. Here, a merger is likened to a marriage, and the book provides a step-by-step guide towards commitment.
Building a New Church: A Process Manual for Pastors and Lay Leaders
This resource covers a range of broad to specific topics relating to the building or renovation of worship spaces, ranging from how to create a construction team to hiring outside consultants.
This organization gives church planters resources to address the organizational, administrative, and legal matters that come with starting a new church.
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The Unique Experience of Church Planting

Church planting is different than establishing satellites, multi-sites, a new worship service or a separate non-profit. Church planting is establishing a new congregation in a new location. This process is rewarding, yet it requires hard work and a varied skillset.

Below are four things I’ve learned about church planting.

What are the unique challenges for your church plant? Find help you need like data, church planting conferences, coaching and more by looking at our hand-picked church planting resources.

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