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Small Ritual
This web resource, provided by Steve Collins, who is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future, explores the church from numerous angles to enrich the church's relationship with its local culture.
A Place Where Everybody Matters: Life and Ministry in a Small Church
This book explores healthy small church ministry such as relationship-building, utilizing individual gifts, and determining priorities.
The Gifts of the Small Church
This book offers a look inside the world of the small church, paying a tribute to the thousands of Christians who live, breathe, and sustain their faith in the small church.
Building a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry: A Strategic Guide for Leading Group Life in Your Church
The first book of a series, this resource provides a how-to guide on building and leading small group ministry in a church.
web resource
11 Principles for Improving Your Church's Small Groups
This short blog provides practical tips for implementing a small group ministry.
web resource
Groups Matter - #TheExchange with @EdStetzer and @RealEricGeiger
President of LifeWay Research Division Ed Stetzer and Vice President of LifeWay Christian Resources Eric Geiger both have doctorates from Southern Seminary in leadership and church ministry and together they wrote "Transformational Groups", based on one of the largest research studies done on small group ministry.
The Ministry of Small Groups: Towards an Integration of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis
This article looks at six reasons why small groups fail and offers solutions.
Community is Messy: The Perils and Promise of Small Group Ministry
This resource reveals the difficulties of small group ministry, arguing that such challenges are what make the small group a perfect community for growth.
Small Church Pastor
This organization provides coaching, consulting, and free online resources to leaders of small congregations.
Administration In the Small Membership Church
This book identifies administration and leadership as crucial components for the small church, offering effective management strategies from volunteers to finance.
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