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Large caring ministry contemplative approach

Although the title may indicate otherwise, the author writes for all people engaged in caring ministry. At the heart of the book is the author’s belief that “caring ministry is about what we know...

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W. Craig Gilliam, director of The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, works with churches that are experiencing conflict. His...

Large we really need to talk

This essential communication written by two psychologists provides readers with a practical way to learn, practice and improve their communication skills.

Large flying in the face of tradition

This resource critiques the Roman Catholic church with love and grace, diagnosing its current challenges and offering solutions that will transform the church into a space people will find...

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Large asking

This book provides a variety of ways congregations can ask for money, covering topics like the importance of listening, consistency, and follow through. It also explores why donors give.

Large crucial conversations

This guide can be useful for everyone within the congregation, ranging from clergy to congregates. It provides the reader with tools to effectively communicate during difficult conversations;...

Large generational iq

This book looks at generational realities through a faith lens, exploring the ways congregations can bring younger and older generations together using universal responses.

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This book focuses on a model of church-revitalization that keeps "good news to the poor" central to the ministry while offering advice for congregations looking to renew their audience and...

Large center for courage renewal

The aspirations of the Center for Courage and Renewal are rooted in the work of Parker Palmer, a writer and speaker who focuses on education, community, leadership and spiritual issues. The Center...

Large increasing wholeness

Increasing Wholeness is for Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike who desire to build greater capacity for peace, wholeness and happiness. By focusing on commonalities, Rabbi Spitz invites his...

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