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Thumb why changing church culture rarely works

John Kotter is one of the most influential thinkers on issues of organizational change. This...

Thumb transitions leading through change

How can pastors “preach congregations and individuals through change”? This collection of...

Thumb a door set open

Peter Steinke is a widely recognized teacher and consultant in congregational systems, drawing on...

Thumb strategic leadership

If you’ve ever felt bewildered by your congregations reaction to change- or maybe your own- this...

Thumb leadership on the line

This significant chapter from Heifetz and Linsky's book, Leadership on the Line, uses case...

Thumb fontawesome f15c 5  1024

"What are we going to do with the fact that the church has already relocated and yet its building...

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Thumb leading missional change

Focused on the intersection of missional outreach and congregational culture, this book is a good...

Thumb immunity to change

Often, you know what to do as a leader. Yet, when you start down the helpful path you hit a...

Thumb change   conflict

This book offers a clear path toward a practical theology of change, acknowledging the...

Thumb finding our story

There’s always a story behind every congregation’s understanding of themselves. It’s a story that...