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Large center for parish development

The Center for Parish Development doesn’t use the word transformation lightly. This organization, located in Chicago, Illinois, is serious about helping your congregation live fully into its...

Large four ways attendance
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They say if you aren’t increasing, then you are declining. This blog describes four ways congregations can break attendance barriers. Certainly, there is no magic solution. However, these four ways...

Large the deconstructed church

Many of us have heard much about the Emerging Church movement. In some ways, the phrase has already passed us by. Congregational life is changing that fast in some contexts. Whatever one calls the...

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Hayim Herring is the author of the 2012 book Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today. He is also a congregational consultant working primarily with synagogues. His consulting work often addresses issues...

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Large running church meetings

We’ve all been to meetings where nothing gets done. This is not time well spent. Thankfully, with just enough planning and intentionality, committee and team meetings can be productive. This...

Large ravblog
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Ravblog is the blog of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. The blog features contributions from leadership and staff members of the Central Conference of American Rabbis as well as articles...

Large leadership network org

The Leadership Network began in 1984 with a group of 20 that wanted the church to have deeper impact on the world. Now they serve over 200,000 leaders all over the world. Names associated with...

Large transformational groups

Many congregations find that creating and nurturing small relational groups lead to congregational health and faith development in individuals. Transformational Groups is a book that presents key...

Large 101 ways to reach your community

This book describes 101 different acts of kindness that a congregation could provide people in its local community. The author served for years as lead pastor of a Vineyard Community Church in the...

Large beyond megachurch myths

Much has been written about megachurches in recent years. In their respective roles as professor, researcher, author and Leadership Network leader, authors Scott Thumma and Dave Travis wondered...

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