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Large small town america

Everyone knows the joke about a small town: “Don’t blink or you’ll pass it.” And while many might poke fun at small, rural, out of the way places, author Robert Wuthnow is quick to point out that...

Large playlist judaism

Most of us experience up close the changing cultural context for religious life. What many of us lack is a comprehensive response. Rabbi Kerry Olitzky provides both a diagnosis and solution...

Large strategic leadership

If you’ve ever felt bewildered by your congregations reaction to change- or maybe your own- this book just might clear the air for you. Author Keith McFayden, an ordained Presbyterian minister and...

Large the future church

As Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and Vatican analyst for National Public Radio, journalist John L. Allen, Jr. is well qualified to discuss current trends in the Catholic...

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Large a future for the latino church

Through observation of dynamic Latino congregations, as well as case studies with multigenerational Hispanic churches and predominately Hispanic multiethnic faith communities, Daniel Rodriquez...

Large ancient faith

This collection of essays edited by Episcopal Church leaders Steven Croft, Ian Mobsby, and Stephanie Spellers adds to the conversation about the future of the Christian church in light of the...

Large big lessons

Mega-churches capture headlines, and small congregations seldom find themselves being respected, let alone envied by clergy or lay-people. Nevertheless, Episcopal leader and author Kay McLaughlin’s...

Large generational iq

Millennials (born from 1981-2001) are tied to their phones. Traditionalists (born before 1945) yearn for a time when social networking meant meeting face-to-face. These are just two examples of...

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