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The Transforming Church Insight (TCI) assessment tool has been a helpful learning tool for many different kinds of congregations. The tool has proven helpful because it focuses on topics often not...

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The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting | https://holycowconsulting.com/}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

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Former Greenleaf Center CEO, Kent Keith, offers an engaging and compelling introduction to servant leadership. At the core is a discussion of the difference between what the author calls “power...

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Robert K. Greenleaf said that “The servant leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to . . . serve first.” Greenleaf’s philosophy continues to influence religious...

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Are leaders born or formed? According to the Leadership Institute of Union Presbyterian Seminary, the latter is the case. Leaders are formed through exposure to excellent leadership, both taught...

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Bob Johansen is a social scientist and futurist who served for ten years as the president of the Institute for the Future. He has a keen interest in values and religion. He also has a deep concern...

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According to Ben Zander, people are tired of the old metaphors of leadership-war, sports and fighting to get to the top. In this DVD series, based on their book, The Art of Possibility, Ben and Roz...

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These days, you need time to browse information without a specific purpose. Scanning the landscape allows connections to be made even when you aren’t looking for them. The Faith & Leadership...

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Leadership Education at Duke Divinity aims to create change in congregations by supporting Christian leaders and the institutions they serve. They design educational services, introduce knowledge...

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The Lewis Center for Church Leadership is located on the Wesley Theological Seminary campus in Washington D.C. The director is Dr. Lovett Weems, Jr. Dr. Weems is a distinguished professor of Church...

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