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Thumb living into community

This book offers a theological alternative to leadership books written from a secular...

Thumb encyclopedia positive questions

With just a bit of translating-for example, replace the word organization with congregation, and...

Thumb immunity to change

Often, you know what to do as a leader. Yet, when you start down the helpful path you hit a...

Thumb leadership education duke divinity

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity aims to create change in congregations by supporting...

Thumb 7 characteristics learners

Learning in congregations is a prerequisite to vitality and growth. Ministry teams that undertake...

Thumb my jewish learning
Web resource

Individuals and families looking for a one-stop resource on Jewish culture, beliefs, history,...

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Thumb faith formation learning exchange
Web resource

Youth leaders will find research-based thinking and practices to enrich their leadership and...

Thumb getting the most from an ed event

Education events that further your knowledge base and provide new ideas for your congregation’s...

Thumb ministry incubators

Veteran youth ministers and innovators, Dean and DeVries, have teamed up to “turn hare-brained...

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Vice President of Institutional Development and Chair of the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship...

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