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Large ancient faith

This collection of essays discusses the future of the Christian church, drawing upon current cultural and religious contexts in the U.S. and the U.K.

Large gia taize resources
Web resource

On this website, you will find reasonably priced “bundles” of Taizworship resources that contain a choral edition of a song (with permission to make one copy), all the instrumental...

Large akathist

The text of this akathist, or hymn, evokes tender and joyful images of humankind's kinship with creation and its Creator, using creation as a framework for praise.

Large stilling the storm

This resource offers guidance for worship planners in congregations going through difficulty and identifies key considerations for worship life.

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Large sermon seeds
Web resource

This free “sermon preparation resource” features commentary on at least one of the assigned texts from the Revised Common Lectionary every week. Written primarily by pastor and...

Large worship matters a study for congregations

This resource combines a case study and practical suggestions regarding worship practices.

Large designing worship together

This resource makes the case that collaboration in designing worship has become the preferred norm, and offers steps and templates to help the process of weekly worship planning.

Large the work of the people
Web resource

This site is devoted to providing artistic and creative video presentations that declare scriptural truth

Large calvin inst christian worship

This center provides programming focused on connecting congregations with worship resources such as grants, events, online tools for worship planning, and Spanish language resources.

Large visual arts and worship
Web resource

This web site, by Calvin Institute, provides a bibliography of art resources related to faith and worship.

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