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Large learning mission living mission

This resource presents the Missional Church Learning Experience as a potential model to help congregations develop missional projects with partnering churches to share experiences and ensure...

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This book will help your congregation take the first step towards becoming more missionally engaged, inspiring new ways to leave an impact and providing success stories of congregations who did...

Large making a difference

This book provides research on the success of short-term mission trips and concludes that they can be beneficial for everyone involved if the trip is well planned and creatively led.

Large the mission table

This resource intertwines personal story and bliblical insight with tools for leadership development, all of which culminates to help facilitate missional conversations.

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Large intentional ministry

This book argues that churches must move from an internal to an external focus, giving congregations the tools to transform into a missional church that is daring in its outreach approach.

Large practicing witness

This concise book offers a history and definition of missional theology, focusing on practice and context.

Large the missional network

This organization provides extensive resources and consulting to promote missional church insights among congregations changing from being church-oriented to community-oriented.

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This article offers eight practices of a missional church while inviting readers to consider their own ministry and obstacles to growth.

Large cultivating sent comm

Composed by a variety of contributors, this book examines spiritual formation from the missional church perspective, giving readers a clearer idea of the purpose behind a missional church.

Large mission trips that matter

This resource seeks to optimize the impact of short term mission trips on young people by helping participants connect their travel experience to their ongoing life of faith.

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