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CPYU's wesbite, founded by youth ministry veteran Walt Mueller, offers guidance to parents, teens, and youth workers by bridging the "cultural-generational" gap and by providing a window and...

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This resource contains various sessions and activity options to help facilitate conversations between parents and children on a variety of important topics.

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This resource details characteristics of successful youth ministries, offering tips and reflection questions for 12 different areas of youth ministry.

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This e-book invites parents and their children to embark on a journey toward deeper family communication and intentional action.

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This resource equips caregivers for having difficult conversations with one's aging parents, ranging from topics such as how to discuss the need to give up driving, to moving into assisted...

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This five-page booklet from Interfaith Family encourages parents to use bedtime as an opportunity to form lifelong Jewish identity and practices.

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This interactive, online resource center offers free faith formation tips and tools to build a “stronger, more faith-focused family.”

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This resource provides congregations with the tips and tools to build a children's ministry that lasts, drawing upon the experience of two ministry veterans.

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Based off the author's personal life as a mother, this resource organizes a year's worth of reflections and essays to help parents choose ways of living and teaching the Catholic faith.

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Written by a children's ministry specialist, this resource launches a conversation on a range of topics congregations should address for effective childhood ministry.

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