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“As mothers, our greatest gift to our family is our true presence. We may run around doing lots of things for them, but it is our being that makes all the difference.” Denise Roy, a marriage and...

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This curriculum provides multiple tools for students, parents, and educators to address the issue of bullying. It also offers insight on three key areas that consist of prevention,...

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When Michelle Anthony started out as a children’s minister some twenty-five years ago, her idea of children’s ministry was a full menu of church-centered programming headed up by staff and...

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Way #1: “Be a Pretty Good Parent. You don’t have to be perfect.” With the pressure off at the very beginning, Kathleen Long Bostrom, author, co-pastor, and mother of three, invites parents and...

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What can congregations do to reach youth and keep them involved? Sticky Faith is a proven approach to youth ministry that “instills in students a faith that lasts.” Based on research by the Fuller...

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Being the caregiver for one’s aging parents means navigating emotional and practical challenges. When and how should one discuss the need to give up driving, move to assisted living, or share...

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Parents are their children’s most effective teachers, asserts pastor, writer and teacher, Ron Hunter. Based on that conviction, Hunter founded D6 Family to empower parents as the primary...

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Research shows that only fifty percent of high school students who graduate from a church or youth group will stick with their faith in college and beyond. Sticky Faith sets out to significantly...

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“Rituals give a comforting shape to a child's day. They offer a child a sense of stability and security that provide a gentle transition to sleep. The regularity of brushing teeth, reading a story...

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Plenty has been written about young people leaving church, and when or whether they return later in life. In this book, a researcher and church specialist reveal what congregations and parents can...

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