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Large guide for developing high quality emergency operations
Web resource

This four-section guide developed by FEMA helps congregational leaders create an up-to-date emergency operations plan in case of a natural disaster or an active shooter.

Large christian educators guide evaluating developing curriculum

This resource takes the guesswork out of how to plan and implement the task of evaluation and curriculum development by offering a step-by-step process.

Large national caregivers library
Web resource

The National Caregivers Library wesbite, created and maintained by FamilyCare America, Inc., provides a wealth of information and resources on the issues and needs related to caregivers engaged...

Large ministry architects

This organization provides a wide variety of resources, such as coaching, workshops, and blogs, to help congregations and youth ministers build a sustainable youth ministry.

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Large autism and church

This book equips congregations to include people with autism, offering strategies and templates for meaningful and inclusive ministry.

Large moving back

This workbook is filled with tools to help congregations plan for and execute community-based engagement, offering six action steps that include evaluating the neighborhood and paying attention...

Large growing young

This resource draws insights from a study of congregations and young adults to present helpful touchstones congregations can use to energize their ministry with young adults.

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

Written by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, this free download provides sample job and committee descriptions for congregations to follow and apply.

Large disaster ministry handbook

This comprehensive resource serves as a crash course on disaster ministry, covering the basics of disaster phases and detailed how-to suggestions.

Large projects that matter

This book describes a six-step process for designing and implementing a project evaluation, introduciing project planning as a mission-related practice.

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